Bridging the Divide

It might seem like Academics & Practitioners come from different worlds

One planet’s full of researchers, noses in books, silently crunching data, producing articles in academic journals. The other planet’s occupied by people in suits, except on Fridays when they’re allowed to dress more comfortably. These people are running from meeting to meeting, answering emails as fast as they can, buried in requests, ideas and events; they’re managing corporate crises as fast as they possibly can. If you look more closely, the two worlds have 5 things in common:



We have very different kinds of branding knowledge to share.



We have very different kinds of branding data to share.



We have access to very different kinds of environments and can share.



We need each other’s very different skills. On one planet, we need access to real-time examples, on the other we need headcount, smart people who can get the job done.



Whether it’s white papers and annual reports or prestigious academic articles, we share a commitment to producing high-quality content. We’re here to bridge the divide – to facilitate a meeting of the minds in which all our varied needs are met. Are you ready to bridge the divide?