Conference Location Lugano

The Thought Leaders in Brand Management Conference will take place at one of the most stunning settings in Europe. Lugano is nestled between the towering peaks of the Alps, sitting aside the vast lake at the confluence of European routes. The city is located in the southernmost Swiss canton of Ticino. Swiss – yet Italian-speaking and close to the Italian border, it is a place of many contrasts in its environment, its history, its art and its culture. In a radius of just a few kilometres it offers the mild climate of lakeside towns with palm trees, mountains that reach up to over 3000 metres and even glaciers.

Historical architecture co-exists in perfect harmony with more avant-garde buildings. Internationally important events alternate all year round with parties in squares, markets and food and wine exhibitions. In this corner of Switzerland where gastronomy ranges from traditional cuisine to the most refined and sophisticated of cooking, Italian vitality - La Dolce Vita ?- is the perfect partner for the proverbial Swiss efficiency.

The outstanding beauty of the location will be enhanced by the intellectual gravitas of the Università della Svizzera italiana which in Swiss tradition abhors boasting, but rather rejoices in stimulating intellectual curiosity and advancement of paradigm challenges.

Lugano is easily accessed by regular short flights from Zurich or regular short coach trips from Milan.


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