USI UniversitÀ della Svizzera italiana

The USI Università della Svizzera italiana – also known as University of Lugano – was founded in 1996. As a public institution, it is part of the Swiss university system. It is the leading Swiss institution in communications research and the only Swiss public university with a fully-fledged communications faculty.

Benefiting from a unique geographic, and cultural location, USI is a distinguished multilingual and multicultural university, with a broad international outlook. Faculty and students come from over 40 different countries across the globe, contributing to a cosmopolitan and multicultural environment.

USI is active in many innovative fields of research and participates in numerous international research networks. Fostering exchange and contact with the professions and its alumni, USI also benefits from an excellent network with top practitioners in the field.

Easily reachable, yet far enough from the stress of big cities and benefiting from a stunningly beautiful location, the Unversità della Svizzera italiana provides an excellent base for the Thought Leaders International Conference on Brand Management.